Project Mountain

Project Mountain is a game I did in ESNE as the end of the year project in my second year with my group (Raven Ink Studios). I was programmer and the project manager in this project.

About Project Mountain

The game is a 3D “walking simulator” with puzzles fused with the narration, with focus in the aesthetics and visual effects. We made one but huge map in which we planned to create some discrete puzzles, trying not to interfere with the narration of the story.

A brief postmortem of the project

At first we started to design a different project called “Project tales”, a 2D platformer game. At the middle of the prototyping process we decided to change to a complete different project because of production problems and lack of motivation in the idea.

Then we came up with the idea of Project Mountain, a 3D walking simulator with puzzles. In the first week of the development process we reached the state we left the previous project, but after that we started to work a bit slower. At the middle of the project’s progress we decided to change out scope and aim a bit lower.

Because of the multiple delays in the deadlines, we decided to even discard some more features, so it ended up being a bit simple. This could be avoided if we would have been more focused in the project, and have taken the deadlines more seriously.


Here a link to the video in YouTube: