These are the programming languages I have more experience with. Please, check my GitHub repository for examples of some of my most recent projects.


I have two years of experience working in console projects and forms (Visual Studio). I have developed programs based in:

  • Arithmetic algorithms
  • Network protocols (TCP, UDP), server-client based applications and online-multiplayer games
  • File management
  • 2D games using the SFML library

I have worked with Visual Studio and Dev-C++ programming tools.


I have used this language for two years to program scripts in Unity, as well as making console programs. I have developed programs based in:

  • Arithmetic algorithms
  • File management
  • Path-finding algorithms with graphs. Download here an example
  • Unity projects (with all kind of features)

I have worked with Visual Studio and MonoDevelop programming tools.


I have one year of experience programming in Java, making types of programs such as:

  • Arithmetic algorithms
  • Server-client based applications and games

I have used Eclipse in this projects.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

I have developed web pages for more than two years, programming directly in HTML and CSS, or using content managers such as Joomla or WordPress. I have also used Bootstrap in some of my projects. Most of the web pages I have programmed had a responsive design and used animations and transitions.

For code editing, I have mostly used Sublime Text and, less frequently, Dreamweaver.

You can find my – work in progress – portfolio, programmed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, in my GitHub repository.


About databases, I have worked making Entity-Relationship diagrams, tables creation, database creation with SQL and database querying, using SQL as well.