Adobe Photoshop

I’ve worked in several types of projects during my degree. Image edition Digital painting Graphic design Asset correction (for game engine) Here you can see some examples of these

Autodesk 3DS Max

I have modelled and texturized in 3DS Max for more than one year. Most of the projects I’ve worked on are university projects. I have acquired skills in: Low-poly modelling Hard surface modelling Materials Texturing Lightning Asset correction (for game engine) Here can be found examples of my 3DS Max projects

Project Mountain

Project Mountain is a game I did in ESNE as the end of the year project in my second year with my group (Raven Ink Studios). I was programmer and the project manager in this project. About Project Mountain The game is a 3D “walking simulator” with puzzles fused with the narration, with focus in the aesthetics and…